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Water Well Drilling in Atlantic County, NJ

Well Drilling in Atlantic County NJ

We have been providing Atlantic County NJ Drilling Services since 1958, include Water Well Drilling, Environmental Drilling, Geotechnical Borings and more.

Drilling Services

Quinlan Well Drilling provides a variety of drilling services in Atlantic County NJ and the surrounding South Jersey area, including Rotary Drilling, Hollow Stem Augering, Irrigation Wells, Piezometer Installations, Geotechnical Boring, Environmental Drilling, and much more. We obtain all necessary permits ahead of time so that we can get working on your well drilling project quickly and efficiently.

Water Well Drilling

If your Atlantic County NJ home or business is unable to get city (public) water, you'll need to get a private water well. Even if you're able to get public water, there are many benefits to well water vs. public water. Well water is not treated with harmful chemicals, it's completely natural, and many people prefer the taste of well water over the harsh, chlorinated taste of city water. City water is essentially surface runoff water put through a purification process that may not completely rid it of contaminants. And eventually the cost of having a water well drilled on your Atlantic County area property can pay off, as you'll no longer have to buy bottled water or pay for monthly city water charges.

Atlantic County NJ Well Drillers

Environmental Drilling

Environmental drilling is used to investigate, monitor and even remediate a job site by assessing soil or ground water. Our Atlantic County area environmental drilling includes several different types of drilling and probing techniques, such as sonic drilling, hollow stem auger drilling, and direct-push or probe sampling.

Rotary Drilling

Rotary drilling uses a rotating movement of a drill bit to drill a well. It's one of the fastest and most efficient drilling methods, and it enables drilling through almost all rock formations. Rotary drilling is a good choice for deep wells in the Atlantic County, NJ area because it can reach over 40 meters in depth and allows for a larger diameter hole to be dug more quickly and easily than other forms of drilling.

Hollow Stem Auger Drilling

With this drilling method, a hollow stem auger is used instead of a solid stem, in order to allow drillers to set well piping without having to remove the auger bit. Hollow Stem Drilling in the Atlantic County area allows for quick sampling because the auger bit doesn't need to be removed, so the soil does not get disturbed too much. Also, the drill machinery is smaller than with other drilling rigs, so it can work in smaller areas such as under building canopies, etc.

Hollow Stem Auger Drilling

Irrigation Wells

An irrigation well is a well drilled specifically for an irrigation (sprinkler) system. Because you aren't using water from the municipal system, it will not be charged on your water bill, thereby saving you considerable money. And if you already have a water well at your Atlantic County NJ area home that you use for drinking, bathing and laundry, it probably also has a water filter or softener attached. Having a separate well just for outdoor water use means you won't have to use your water softener or filtration system just for watering your landscape.

Piezometer Installations

Piezometers are used for measuring pore water pressures and ground water levels within Atlantic County NJ area soil and rock. They're typically used for understanding initial site condition, determining safe rates for placement of fill, predicting slope stability, and evaluating the effectiveness of drainage systems.

Geotechnical Boring

Geotechnical boring is used to survey subsurface soil structure from deep under an Atlantic County area site by extracting several shallow cores out of the sediment while disturbing as little soil as possible. Geotechnical boring can measure the soil bearing pressure, active soil load, location of the ground water table, and the characteristics of each layer of soil. This helps engineers and geologists find out various qualities of the soil before construction work can begin, and is often done on sites that will be used as foundations for buildings and other structures, and places where determining ground water depth is important.

Contact Us for Atlantic County NJ Water Well Drilling Services

When you're in need of water well and related drilling services in the Atlantic County NJ area, call the well experts at Quinlan Well Drilling at 856-691-8639 (office) or 856-305-7444 (mobile).

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